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English Essentials

Main Essential Channels

ABC Spark AMI-audio AMItv APTN BC Legislative Assembly Bite Business News Network CBC CBC HD (East) CBC News Network CHCH TV CHEK TV CHEX Peterborough City City Toronto HD CKPG TV CKWS Kingston CMT CPAC CTV CTV HD CTV News Channel CTV Northern Ontario (MCTV) CTV Two E! Entertainment Television GameTV Global Global Kenora (CJBN) Global Montreal Global Toronto HD Global Winnipeg Grace TV Habs on TSN ICI RDI Knowledge Network MTV MuchMusic National Geographic National Geographic HD ntv OMNI.1 OMNI.2 RFI 1 Radio Shaw Direct Shaw Direct Weather Sportsnet East Sportsnet ONE Sportsnet Ontario Sportsnet Pacific Sportsnet West SRC (Montreal) SRC HD TELETOON RETRO (English) TFO The Miracle Channel The Shopping Channel The Weather Network TLN Telelatino travel + escape TSN TVA TVO (TVOntario) VisionTV Yes TV YTV

Free HD with SD subscription*

ABC HD ABC Spark HD APTN HD Bravo HD Canal D HD Canal Vie HD CBC HD (East) CBS HD City Toronto HD CNN HD CTV HD Discovery HD Disney Jr HD Family HD FOX HD FX Canada HD Global Toronto HD H2 HD HBO Canada HD Historia HD LCN HD Lifetime HD Movie Central - HD1 Movie Central - HD2 Movie Central - HD3 MovieTime HD MuchMusic HD Nat Geo WILD HD National Geographic HD NBC HD NFL Sunday Ticket HD 1 NHL Centre Ice HD PBS HD (Detroit - East) RDS HD RDS2 HD SÉRIES+ HD Showcase HD Slice HD Space HD Sportsnet World HD SRC HD Super Écran HD Super Écran HD 2 Super Écran HD 3 Super Channel HD1 Super Channel HD2 Teletoon HD The Comedy Network HD The Movie Network HD TMN - Mexcess HD TMN Encore HD TVA HD TVA Sports HD V HD VRAK TV HD W Network HD WGN HD YTV HD Ztélé HD

Must be subscribed to a package that includes English Essentials and equivalent standard-definition channel (if available) to receive high definition (HD) version. Current customers that subscribed to Shaw Direct before October 1, 2012 receive the standard-definition channels outside of their home province. To access the high-definition equivalents, customer would need to add the Timeshift bundle.

HD channels require an HD receiver and elliptical dish. Channels broadcast in MPEG-4 require an HDDSR 600, HDDSR 605, or HDPVR 630 receiver.

Channels broadcast in MPEG-4 and on our 3rd satellite require 3rd satellite access. To find out if you need an upgrade, simply press the GUIDE button on your remote, navigate to channel 988 and follow the onscreen instructions.

The Nets (East)

You can either choose the East  OR  West version of the Nets bundle to be included in your English Essentials. If you choose the Nets East bundle, then you have two different subbundles to choose from: all channel feeds from Detroit except for the Fox feed from Rochester  OR  all channel feeds from Detroit except for the PBS feed from Buffalo and the Fox feed from Rochester.


The Nets (West)

You can either choose the East  OR  West version of the Nets bundle to be included in your English Essentials. If you choose the Nets West bundle, then you have three different subbundles to choose from: all channel feeds from Spokane, all channel feeds from Seattle  OR  all channel feeds from Seattle except for the Fox feed from Spokane.


Encore Avenue (West)**

Encore Avenue 2

**Only available to customers in the west.

Radio Services

CHIN-AM Radio (Toronto) CIUT-FM Radio (Toronto) CKUA-AM Radio (Edmonton) KDRK-FM (Spokane, Washington) KISC-FM (Spokane, Washington) KMBI-FM (Spokane, Washington) KPBX-FM (Spokane, Washington) KXLY-FM (Spokane, Washington) KZBD-FM (Spokane, Washington) KZZU-FM (Spokane, Washington)

Pay Per View

HD Pay Per View (PPV) Pay Per View 1 (PPV) Télé à la carte 1 (TALC)

Digital Music

Stingray - Adult Alternative Stingray - All Day Party Stingray - Around the World Stingray - Baroque Stingray - Chamber Music Stingray - Classic Masters Stingray - Classic Rock Stingray - Country Classics Stingray - Dance Clubbin\' Stingray - Easy Listening Stingray - Eclectic Electronic Stingray - Flashback \'70s Stingray - Folk Roots Stingray - Franco Country Stingray - Franco Pop Stingray - Franco Rétro Stingray - Hit List Stingray - Hot Country Stingray - Jammin\' Stingray - Jazz Masters Stingray - Jazz Now Stingray - Jukebox Oldies Stingray - Kids\' Stuff Stingray - Mousses Musique Stingray - Nature Stingray - Nostalgie Stingray - Pop Adult Stingray - Pop Classics Stingray - Remember the \'80s Stingray - Rock Stingray - Rock Alternative Stingray - Smooth Jazz Stingray - Souvenirs Stingray - Swinging Standards Stingray - The Blues Stingray - The Chill Lounge Stingray - The Light Stingray - The Spa Stingray - Top Détente Stingray - Urban Beat